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The Sikeston Board of Municipal Utilities (BMU) is a city-owned utility providing the city of Sikeston with electric, water, sanitary sewer and Internet services. BMU facilities include a 235 megawatt coal-fired power plant, five electric substations, three water production plants, two wastewater treatment plants and a 30 mile fiber-optic communication system. We service approximately 9,000 residential and business customers. BMU utility rates are among the lowest in the state of Missouri .

The bi-partisan Board consists of four members appointed by the City Council for a term of four years each. The board is responsible for establishing BMU policies, rules and regulations that govern the day-to-day operations of the utility system. The Board functions as a separate unit of the City government. The Board of Municipal Utilities meets on the second Tuesday of the month at 4:00 PM in the Board Room of the BMU office at 107 E. Malone Avenue.

The Sikeston BMU is a proud member of the American Public Power Association and the Missouri Public Utility Alliance. In a public power community local dollars stay at home. Public power systems often do business with local financial institutions and make purchases from local businesses. Salaries earned by local utility employees are likely to be spent in the community. Public power’s success is measured by how many dollars stay and are invested in the local community, not how many dollars leave in the form of dividends to stockholders.

This website includes information on BMU services, rates and policies. If the information you need is not found here please contact us at the address or phone number below.

Sikeston Board of Municipal Utilities
107 E. Malone Avenue
Sikeston , MO 63801
573-471-3328 FAX 573-471-7288






Did you know that BMU will pay you a rebate if you replace your home's gas water heater or furnace with an electric water heater

(40 gallon minimum capacity) or furnace?  The rebate is $150 for a water heater and $200 for a furnace.  This program applies to residential customers only.  Call BMU at 471-3328 for details.